2016 Total Employee Engagement - Phoenix - Sept 19-21 (save hundred$)

Doesn't Expire

Attend the conference for 2 days for just $500. Thats $1,495 off the standard rate.Use the code TRV800 to redeem your discount. Expires July 8th.

Gallup recently reported that employee engagement levels stayed stagnant in 2015. According to their data, 32% of employees are engaged with their jobs. And this isn’t new. In fact, these levels of engagement have remained flat for the last 5 years. Companies with an engaging onboarding program retained 91% of their first-year workers (SHRM) and new hires who went through a well-structured onboarding program were 69% more likely to remain at a company up to three years (TalentWise).

There are clear, tangible, bottom-line results to investing in engaging employees from Day 1. Why is employee engagement important for your organization? Engaged employees willingly go beyond the call of duty. They regularly invest extra effort to accomplish the work, mission and vision of an organization. An engagement culture should
be viewed as an everyday practice, rather than a transactional event. Attend this event and learn from leading experts about their real world experience in developing and maintaining an engaged workforce. We will discuss what to measure, when to measure it, how to ensure the insights go to the right people and how to make these
insights actionable.


C-Suite and Senior Executive Leadership, including CIO’s and CHRO’s, Directors, Managers and
Team Leaders with responsibilities in:

» Human Resources
» Talent Management
» Technical Talent Acquisition & Recruitment
» Engagement & Retention
» Leadership Development
» Corporate Culture
» Human Capital Strategy
» Organizational Development
» Learning & Development

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